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Our Coffee Capsule Machines

One Touch Coffee Maker

Different types of capsule brewing suit for different users

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Coffee Capsule

Coffee capsules are the plastic containers that contain less than 15g coffee grounds, but the amount of coffee depends on the type of coffee capsule you are using. With just a small amount of coffee, a coffee capsule can typically only brew one cup of coffee only, depending on the coffee capsule machine in Hong Kong.

There are various types of coffee capsules on the market. Some coffee capsules are suitable for making the drip variety of coffee, like K-cup and some are used for espresso, such as the Nespresso capsule. The coffee capsules for filter type coffee contain 12-15g coffee grounds and the brewing process is similar. The coffee capsules for espresso, normally, contain a few grams of coffee grounds. Coffee capsule machine needs to provide a high amount of pressure, like an espresso machine, to extract the cream of coffee and the coffee capsule machine maker may come with a milk frother so users can make milk coffee. This type of coffee capsule machine in Hong Kong is quite popular.

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What Are Coffee Capsules Made Of?

As coffee capsule machines in Hong Kong are quite popular, do note that plastic is actually the main material for producing coffee capsules. Although the cost of plastic is relatively low, it is quite environmentally harmful. The decomposition time for plastic is very long which may take hundreds of years. It may damage the environment as the plastic decomposes, such as creating microplastics. Also, the convenience of coffee capsules has led to an increase in its popularity, but may lead to the increase of rubbish.

As more and more people notice the importance of environmental protection and prefer more eco-friendly products, some coffee capsule makers offer reusable capsules or biodegradable capsules. Biodegradable coffee capsules can break down into natural materials quickly, so it leaves nothing harmful in the environment and saves space in the landfill. This kind of coffee capsule is becoming more common as many coffee capsule makers, as well as coffee capsule machine makers, are willing to provide eco-friendly coffee capsules.

Reusable filter for coffee capsules is another alternative. You need to put coffee grounds into the filter and clean after each use. The reusable capsules generally are quite small, but the cleaning part can be quite annoying. Therefore, some people are reluctant to use reusable coffee capsules because of the inconvenience.

Nevertheless, reusable coffee capsules have an essential advantage. You can change the taste of coffee by adjusting the coffee ground you put into the coffee filter. Although there are numerous coffee capsules, you may not be able to find your favourite one even if you have a coffee capsule machine in Hong Kong. If you are willing to do the necessary cleaning, reusable coffee capsules can be your choice. You may purchase a coffee capsule maker since not all the coffee capsule brewers provide reusable coffee capsules. With the coffee capsule maker machine, you can customize your own coffee capsule. The coffee capsule maker is designed to be easy to use, some are even portable, and you can make your own capsules without much hassle.


Convenience of Coffee Capsule Machines

The consumption of coffee capsules around the world is huge. Using a coffee capsule is one of the most convenient ways to brew coffee, and you can enjoy the coffee in less than a minute. That is the reason why coffee capsule machines have successfully attracted coffee drinkers worldwide.

Some coffee capsule machine makers have unique designs for coffee capsules. With the unique design of coffee capsules, many coffee capsule machine manufacturers actually are quite profitable, as there is stable on-going demand for them. Since producing coffee capsules is more profitable so many coffee capsule machine manufacturers prefer to create unique coffee capsules for their products. If you would like to switch to different brands of coffee capsules, there are a wide range of coffee capsule machines on the market today. Users can simply change the adapter when they use different types from the best coffee capsule makers.

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Coffee Capsule Machines in Hong Kong

Coffee capsule machines are more common nowadays in Hong Kong. People use coffee capsule machines not only at home, but also at their office or even hotels. Hong Kong people are enchanted with the speed and convenience of coffee capsule machines.

Coffee capsule machines in Hong Kong typically refers to the machines that are using a small capsule to brew espresso. Due to the preference of coffee with milk, including latte and cappuccino, coffee capsule machines for brewing espresso are by far more popular. Unlike traditional espresso makers, coffee capsule machines tend to be more compact.

To fulfil the requirements of consumers, coffee capsule machine makers have to create coffee capsule machines with multiple functions, so that users do not need to have any barista skills. They just need to press a button to enjoy a good cup of coffee. Sometimes, the machines can brew various kinds of beverages no matter hot coffee drinks or even iced coffee.

The options of coffee capsules, as well as coffee capsule makers, are also expanding. Hong Kong people are used to drinking strong and bitter coffee but the occurrence of specialty coffee seems to have broken this long-lasting trend. Therefore, there are many specialty coffee capsules in the market today. Also, consumers now desire special coffee capsules, including capsules for cold brew and iced coffee from coffee capsule makers, as it is more enjoyable to have a cup of iced coffee during the hot summer.

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Fatia is a company that produces coffee capsule machines. Our team designs coffee capsule machines in Hong Kong and manufacturing takes place at our factory which is located in Mainland China.

We have experience in the development of coffee capsule machines using the K-cup system. We have well-crafted test plans which can help us control the quality of our products. In fact, there is a coffee capsule maker in our factory because we have to conduct lots of tests every day. Beside construction and safety, brewing performance is also essential to us.

We also build dual coffee machines which combine the drip brewer and a coffee capsule machine. Combining the two machines can save space and money, and you can use the single serve side during weekdays. When there are gatherings, you can use the drip side for brewing large amounts of coffee. The compact design and convenience of this coffee capsule machine maker has attracted many consumers, and with the success of this dual machine, we are proceeding to the next stage. Recently, we are developing a new system for a coffee capsule machine that uses Nespresso capsules, and we hope that we can launch our new coffee capsule machine in Hong Kong very soon. If you have any enquiries about our coffee capsule machine, please feel free to contact us via (852) 2127 6937.

Fatia – A Coffee Capsule Machine Maker
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